Rod's level needs at least "Level 10" to withdraw token.

πŸ†™ Upgrading

A higher-level fishing rod = catching higher-level fish.

High-level fish increase your earnings and their lifespans.

  • Upgrade Your Rods: Choose a rod you want to upgrade and click on "Level up" to upgrade your rods.

πŸ›’ Buy High-Level Rods (STORE)

Rods over level 10 can be bought on the Store

When you purchase a rod, you will receive an additional level 1 aquarium

πŸ”§ Resilience (Durability)

  • Repair: You have to repair your rods with the Fixing Tools | You WILL NOT be able to catch fish when the Resilience = 0.

  • Each catch = - 1 Resilience (Durability)

🩹 Duct Tape ( 1 Star) = +25% Resilience

πŸͺ΅ Wood (2 Star) = +50% Resilence

πŸ”¨ Tool (4 Star) = +100% Resilence

You can buy it on Store or find it in Secret Treasures

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