Privacy Policy

We appreciate your trust and are dedicated to maintaining your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and protect your personal information.

Updated on 1st Feb 2024

Esteemed Users of BLAqua.Fish,

In our quest to earn and maintain your confidence, we present to you our comprehensive Privacy Policy, which delineates our unwavering commitment to the preservation of your privacy and the meticulous stewardship of your personal data.

  1. Acquisition of Information

1.1. Voluntary Disclosure of Information: We solicit, and aggregate information proactively offered by you, encompassing, inter alia, your user identification and any supplementary details you elect to impart. In instances necessitating additional data accrual, your informed consent will be sought, empowering you to exercise your right of refusal.

1.2. Data Accumulation via Extensions: Our browser extension aggregates data strictly within the bounds of user-sanctioned permissions, which encompass Twitter (𝕏) Usernames and Twitter (𝕏) Avatar Images. Such collection is circumscribed to the essentials, serving the functional requisites of the BLAqua.Fish framework.

1.3. Proclamation of Data Integrity: Absent the specific contexts itemized in subsections 1.1 and 1.2, there shall be no compendium or utilization of user data. The sanctity of user data is upheld, with an explicit caveat against its sale to extrinsic entities, save for the stipulated transactions within the Chrome Web Store precinct. User data shall remain untouched and non-transmissible for ancillary objectives detached from our core utility or for evaluations pertaining to credit or financial lending activities.

  1. Utilization of Information

2.1. The harvested information is deployed to:

  • Facilitate and refine the operations of the BLAqua.Fish platform.

  • Tailor and augment your engagement experience.

  • Establish communicative channels with you, addressing your queries and apprising you of novelties.

  • Examine behavioral trends and elevate the caliber of our offerings.

  1. Assurance of Data Security

3.1. We employ protocols that meet the industry benchmarks to shield your data against unsanctioned encroachment, transmutation, divulgence, or eradication.

  1. Dispensation of Information

4.1. We categorically repudiate the dissemination, vending, or transference of your personal data to tertiary entities under any guise.

  1. Utilization of Extension Data

5.1. Our extension's data collection is confined to its declared intent, congruent with the permissions you have granted. 5.2. No personal data extraction transpires beyond the operational scope of the BLAqua.Fish platform.

  1. Preservation of Data

6.1. Your data is retained in our repositories only to the extent necessary to consummate the objectives expounded within this Privacy Policy or as mandated by governing legalities.

  1. Engagements with Third-Party Domains

7.1. BLAqua.Fish may feature links leading to external third-party digital terrains. Our accountability does not extend to the privacy protocols or content of such domains.

  1. Policy Revisions

8.1. This Privacy Policy is subject to intermittent amendments, with the current iteration accessible on this document.

  1. Inquiries and Correspondence

9.1. Should you seek clarifications or possess concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, we invite your correspondence at

We encourage you to peruse this document with due diligence to understand the measures we adopt to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your personal information within the BLAqua.Fish ecosystem.

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