BLAqua -> Blast Aquarium β”‚ Fish -> fishing $$ 😎

BLAqua.Fish is a groundbreaking BLAST L2-based platform blending the excitement of virtual fishing and aquarium ownership with the power of blockchain technology. This innovative platform provides a vibrant and interactive environment for users to experience fishing-earning, maintain their equipment, and even trade their catches."

Our vision (seamap): Here


  • 🎣 Fishing and Earning Dive into dynamic fishing adventures with BLAqua.Fish, where users improve their earnings, play for weekly airdrop, leaderboard incentive from BLAST

  • πŸͺ‚ Leaderboard: Play to airdrop & earn

  • 🎐 Aquarium Farming: Cultivate your own virtual aquarium earning additional rewards to enhance your fishing gear and capabilities.

  • πŸ›’ Store: A decentralized marketplace for secure trading of equipment, and other ocean-related items

  • πŸ’² Acquire System: Use your assets as collateral to get $BLA tokens, adding flexibility to your in-game strategy.

  • πŸ”„ Swapping Feature: Easily convert between $BLA and $QUA tokens, facilitating smooth transactions within the platform.

  • πŸ’Έ Revenue Sharing: BLAqua.Fish incorporates a fair revenue-sharing model, ensuring a part of the game's earnings goes back to the player community.

BLAqua.Fish revolutionizes the virtual fishing, aquarium and ocean exploration experience. Leveraging blockchain technology, it ensures security, transparency, and authenticity in every aspect. Join BLAqua.Fish for an immersive journey that combines the excitement of fishing with the rewards of a vibrant gaming community.

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