$BLA Starter Policy

Policy for $BLA Tokens

  1. Eligibility for Getting $BLA:

    • Verified Account Needed: Have a verified account on our platform.

    • Sufficient ETH Ownership: Own enough ETH to use as collateral.

    • Compliance with Regulations: Follow all relevant laws and our platform's terms.

  2. Collateral Specifications:

    • ETH as Collateral: Only ETH is accepted for getting $BLA.

    • Collateralization Ratio: Provide collateral worth at least 115% of the $BLA you want.

    • Adjustable Ratio: The collateralization ratio may change based on market conditions.

  3. Acquisition Limits:

    • Determined by Collateral: Your limit is based on your ETH collateral's value.

    • Limit Observance: Do not get more $BLA than your maximum limit.

  4. Interest Rate on Acquisition:

    • Current Rate: 0% interest for getting $BLA against ETH.

    • Rate Variability: The interest rate can change at the platform's discretion.

  5. Repayment Terms:

    • Repay in $BLA: Repay your acquired amount in $BLA tokens.

    • Flexible Repayment: Repay at a time that works for you.

  6. Liquidation Conditions:

    • Collateralization Ratio Explained: The ratio of your ETH collateral to the acquired $BLA.

    • Liquidation on Ratio Change: If market shifts reduce your collateral's value to or below your acquired amount, we may liquidate your ETH.

  7. Risk Awareness:

    • Market Volatility: Understand the risks of market fluctuations on both your ETH and $BLA values.

  8. Regulatory Adherence:

    • User Responsibility: Ensure you're following all laws and regulations related to getting $BLA.

  9. Policy Changes at Platform's Discretion:

    • Right to Alter Policies: We may change or end the acquisition policy at any time.

  10. User Agreement:

    • Acknowledgment of Terms: By getting $BLA, you agree to these terms. Non-compliance can lead to suspension or termination of your privileges.

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